Nutritional Consulting

Nutritional Consulting/Counseling Services

While the wellness retreats offered by EATING FOR WELLNESS are the most comprehensive service we offer, there are a variety of additional services available to suit your needs and budget. We work with individuals, couples, families and groups in one of our locations or in your home or office.

We are able to accommodate a wide area in the Southern California area including Los Angeles, San Gabriel and San Fernando Valley, San Bernardino and Riverside counties and some areas of San Diego County.

Health and Wellness Assessment

For those who desire an assessment of their health and diet as well as concrete recommendations for achieving optimal health and wellness.

90 minute consultation
• Eating patterns
• Exercise patterns
• Food allergies/intolerances
• Sleep patterns
• Stress levels
• Medications and previously diagnosed medical conditions

60 minute follow-up session

• Eating for Wellness Meal Plans
• Shopping lists
• Recommended reading
• Supplement recommendations
• Exercise recommendations
• Written report
• Discusses your personal dietary analysis
• Evaluation of your overall health and wellness
• Recommendations for healthy nutrition and exercise based on where you are and your goals.

$249 for two individual sessions and the written report


Beginning Health and Wellness

Perfect for those who simply need some guidance to begin making healthy changes in their habits and lifestyle.

Health and Wellness Assessment PLUS 2 60 sessions
Food journal review
Lab testing recommendations (cost not included)
Eating for Wellness Recipes
Eating for Wellness Meal Plans

$349 for a total of 4 sessions


Creating Healthy Habits

For those who need additional support or those with a history of yo-yo dieting.

Health and Wellness Assessment Plus 6 sessions


$699 for a total of 8 sessions


Establishing a Healthy Life

Perfect for those who desire additional support as they incorporate all aspects of Eating for Wellness into their daily lives, or those with special health concerns.

Health and Wellness Assessment PLUS 10 sessions


$999 for a total of 12 sessions


(Packages may include 1 in home session and/or 1 shopping trip: additional travel charges may apply)

On-going coaching sessions on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis are available at a single session or package rate. $85 per session, $375 for 5 sessions, $650 for 10 sessions

Supervised Elimination Diet

Beginning monthly, Jackie will lead a 30 day cleanse/detox group. This program will focus on removing the most addicting, harmful and irritating substance from you diet for 30 days, with the help of group support.

The substances to be removed are:
• gluten/grains
• processed and refined foods
• sugar
• caffeine
• soy
• dairy
• unhealthy fats
• all white products
• chocolate
• artificial sweeteners

Prior to beginning the program each person will complete a health assessment, be given a shopping list as well as cleanse-approved menus and recipes.

There will also be two individual phone calls (one at the beginning and one at the end of the 30 days) and daily support via a private Facebook group. At the end of the 30 day program you will be given suggestions for adding the prohibited foods back into your diet if you so choose.

The fee for this 30 day class is $299.

Please contact Jackie prior to the 21st of the month to be part of the following month’s group. Additional supplement purchase may be required for best results.

Jackie Chatman, MA, NC
Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant
(213) 822-2634.

To purchase a consulting package:

Wellness Packages

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