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What’s Cooking at The Retreat: A Typical Day…


I get many questions about a typical day or week at the Eating for Wellness Retreat so I decided to take you along on one of my typical hunter/gatherer days. I usually drive from Los Angeles to Desert Hot Springs on Wednesday afternoon which allows me to shop for vegetables and fruit at one of many local farmers’s markets. This week was different because I was in Austin last weekend for Paleo FX (more about that in another post) and had to arrange for delivery of the rest of my hog from Cook’s Pig Ranch (again more details in another post). I got in late Thursday afternoon, unloaded the truck and spent the rest of the afternoon basking in the sunshine and fresh air! After more than a week away, I was ready to get back to serenity and quiet! My plan was to get to sleep early and get an jump on Friday, my busiest day. Continue reading “What’s Cooking at The Retreat: A Typical Day…” »

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What’s Cooking at The Retreat: How it Came to Be


August 2012:

The idea for The Eating for Wellness Retreat came from my good friend and client, Kate Eakman, who sent me an email outlining a program she thought would be helpful to her in making the transition to a healthy, whole food lifestyle. Kate is my work in progress…the hard headed, soft hearted mastermind who suggested a place where people could come and see how to implement this healthy “Paleo” lifestyle. A real life working kitchen…not a book or a program but a place where you can touch and taste; ask questions and get real life answers from someone who lives the lifestyle. A place where people can talk about their experiences with and surrounding food in a supportive, caring and healing environment. Continue reading “What’s Cooking at The Retreat: How it Came to Be” »

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