Eating for Wellness has had the pleasure of hosting a variety of guests, & Jackie has worked with & met many wonderful people throughout her career.

Of course, references & recommendations are available upon request!

Here are just some of what past guests have to say:

Jackie has shown me how to choose, prepare, and eat healthy meals that my no-weird-diet-foods-for-me husband actually shares with me and enjoys! My rosacea is almost unnoticeable, I sleep better and have more energy. Jackie’s Eating for Wellness program showed me how to overcome the “diet” mindset that I lived with for 30 years and embrace a healthy eating lifestyle.  Thank you for sharing your life and your knowledge with me!


Kate Eakman





Food quality: what a wonderful focus! And how great for folks to attend a multi-day wellness retreat in such a beautiful setting.


Trudy Scott


Food Mood Expert & Nutritionist



The Antianxiety Food Solution Folsom, CA



Many people looking for a retreat or wellness center often find themselves surrounded by the same old plan.  They come in to a welcoming environment, but are not fully supported in a holistic, whole food, nourishing way.  Eating For Wellness is a new type of retreat center looking to change all of that.  Offering real world solutions to age old issues.  With a full range of services aimed at supporting people while they transition to wellness, the program aims to equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to continue their success and their journey toward health.  The next time one of my clients is looking for a wellness retreat this is the place I plan to recommend.



Mira Dessy


Certified Nutrition Educator


The Woodlands, TX Nutrition Educator and Pantry Expert


I have known Jackie for a number of years as fellow SparkPeople.com users, “meeting” online as long distance runners. Jackie always helped to guide me in journey to successful endurance training. One day I discovered the Paleo lifestyle and much to my surprise, Jackie was again available to help me through. Jackie guided me down the path toward a more Paleo lifestyle by providing insightful information and offering services to help with certain aspects of body chemistry (adrenal testing, cortisol testing, etc). Jackie has been the person I seek out when I have a question about the Paleo lifestyle. She has been paramount in my success with Paleo thus far. She is a wealth of information and advice! She taught me that making small changes over time is easier to do than overhauling my entire life at once, and how true that has been! Transitioning to a Paleo lifestyle can be so overwhelming, but Jackie does well to show her clients how to break it down into smaller obstacles handled over time to avoid the burnout and anxiety that can occur from changing your lifestyle. As a coach, Jackie has been amazing and I will always refer friends and family to her when they need help.



Jenn T.


Tami Jones, Tammy Rones and Teri Rogers

Jackie Chatman, owner of eating for wellness is passionate about educating others about nutrition.  I have watched her lead by example in her personal life.  She is not about restricting calories, but about healthy, whole food choices.  She has a deep knowledge about nutrition and understands the why of what we should be eating.  She is pleasant and has a great sense of humor.  She will bring energy and enthusiasm to the retreat center.  I look forward to my first stay!
Teri Rogers
Snoqualmie, WA
Stay at home momma, runner & crossfitter

Jackie is so dedicated to her profession.  She has attended many seminars and school to make sure she is educated the best way to possible in order to help you.  She is very knowledgeable in not only eating healthy, but also focuses on your fitness, sleeping and your daily life.  Everything is a related to each other.  She is not pushy.  She explains things in a very easy to understand way.  This is not only a job for her, but also a way of life for her.  She loves her work.  And she is very passionate about it.  She will meet you at your level.  And she will help you understand the process and help you achieve a life style that will make you successful.  She is a very good person and an excellent friend.  She loves people and wants everyone to get the most from their life.
Mimi Cox



I’ve known Jackie for several years, first getting to know her when she was studying nutrition. She was an excellent student, with tremendous enthusiasm for the subject matter. We’ve since become friends and I am continually impressed with her energy, enthusiasm, integrity, and follow-through. She’s intelligent, focused, very grounded, and is a great asset to the holistic nutrition community.  Good luck with the venture. Hope to see the place soon!
Jodi Friedlander, NC
Holistic Nutrition Consultant


Leah Reed and Jackie

Leah Reed and Jackie

The Eating for Wellness retreat is a casual and laid back adventure. Jackie’s cooking was delicious and yet so simple that I was able to recreate a couple of the dishes at home. I struggle in the kitchen but the education and real-life examples really hit home. My daughter has said on more than one occassion, “Mom, can we make that meal we had at Jackie’s?” It felt great putting healthy food that tastes good into my body. My daughter and I learned a lot about the Paleo lifestyle and would like to implement some of the principles into our everyday life.

Jackie is extremely knowledgeable and competent in this field. We asked a lot of questions and were given thorough and detailed information behind the Paleo philosophy and general healthy living advice. I love that the retreat opened up the topic of healthy eating with my daughter.

As part of our trip, we went and hiked in Joshua Tree National Park. It was awesome! The sites were beautiful, the exercise enjoyable and the fresh air helped us to relax even more. We left the retreat feeling reenergized! We enjoyed sitting in the Jacuzzi relaxing and catching up. It was so nice to be cooked for in the comfort of a home environment and pampered by the experience at the same time. Overall, we had a great time and I am looking forward to the next trip! I highly recommend Jackie’s Eating for Wellness retreat!



Leah Reed





ACE Certified Personal Trainer


My stay at Jackie’s house was very fun. She made some amazing food such as steak and eggs and a sweet potato and an apple dish. The best part of my stay was going to Joshua Tree. It was a place where we hiked at. It was very beautiful! I also learned a lot while I was there. I learned all about eating healthier and better portion sizing. It was a very good experience and would love to go back again.



Taylor Reed, 16


The Eating for Wellness Retreat is both peaceful and beautiful sitting on the hills overlooking Palm Springs.  A stay at the retreat is really like visiting Jackie in her home as she uses her passion and vision for good health to welcome you and make your stay relaxing.   There is nothing better than sitting by the pool eating one of Jackie’s steak salads!
Tami Jones


Interior Designer
Fall City, Washington


I had the great fortune to be introduced to Jackie and help her look for the perfect place for her to start her new endeavor. Before we even met, we had discussed at length and detail about what she was looking for so when we finally met, I had a really good feel for what she was hoping to find. We set an appointment and met in Desert Hot Springs at the first home we would see. From the moment we walked in, we were thrilled to see how well it would accommodate her needs for the retreat. And ironically, this was the home that Jackie chose! During the process, she would share information with me about foods and new things that she was making. We even went to a market to get items that she needed. She even had me try kombucha for the first time and explained to me the process on how she makes it.

After the home closed and she had gotten settled, she had me over for dinner. She made us an amazing salad with fresh, grass fed chicken that she had baked in the oven along with some carrots and parsnips. She had the vegetables on the table and told me that I at least had to try them. I told her that I do not like cooked carrots but for her I would try them as they also smelled so good. I tried a carrot and was absolutely hooked ~ both the parsnips and the carrots were DELICIOUS!!! I just wanted to keep eating the whole bowl.


I look forward to her helping me with cooking and health ideas and doing it the natural way. We have really developed a lasting relationship and I am so happy to call her my friend. I can’t wait to plan our next visit ~ great company, food and atmosphere!!!
Shari Gillette
Century 21 Osborne Realty


Jackie Chatman provides an invaluable service with Eating for Wellness. As her personal trainer, I know all too well her own struggles with weight loss, adrenal fatigue and debilitating injuries—but instead of giving in to her bodies “shut-down-failure alerts,” she found an inspiring way to heal herself with proper nutrition. Her commitment to sharing her experience, knowledge, delicious recipes and all-around joyous attitude is what makes Jackie unique and a perfect match for the everyday person looking to find a way to finally get on track with their diet, nutrition, and overall communication with the body. She is a true healer…not to mention her health and wellness resort is an absolute perfect getaway. Pool, Jacuzzi, and hiking trails along Desert Hot Springs? Sign me up.



Emylee Covell



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