Wellness Services

A stay on-site at our retreat is the most comprehensive service we offer; however there are a variety of additional services available to suit your need. We like to think of our services broken into 4 main categories:

Stay, Play, Learn, and Grow.


  • An overnight retreat focused on learning and implementing the steps to healthy eating and over-all wellness in a small group
  • Bed and Breakfast stays catering to gluten free and whole food diets.

For more information on booking a stay, please visit our link at AirBnB



  • Grocery Store or Farmer’s Market tours with full explanation of labels, ingredients, and how to shop.
  • Cooking classes at the Retreat or in your home/location of your choosing
  • Hikes and outdoor activities lead by Jackie and other wellness professionals.



  • Individualized nutrition workshops for individuals, couples, families and groups
  • Community events, speaking engagements, and classes at the location of your choosing.



  • Intensive individualized programming focused on overcoming health challenges and chronic illness
  • Customized on-site stays at the retreat to begin the pathway to healing


We are able to accommodate a wide area in the Southern California area including Los Angeles, San Gabriel and San Fernando Valley, San Bernardino and Riverside counties and some areas of San Diego County.

We are happy to discuss pricing with you via phone or email, and are able to accommodate most any budget. Steps towards wellness don’t have to break the bank!



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