21 Day Sugar Detox

21 Day Sugar Detox with Coach Jackie Chatman

Do you struggle with cravings for sugar, fatty foods, processed food, energy or coffee drink and even alcohol? 

Or maybe you find yourself constantly slipping back into bad habits and just can’t seem to get yourself on track?

Do you experience energy spikes and dips throughout the day – especially that 3pm slump?

Are you often tired, lethargic, or experience unexpected changes in your mood?

What about brain fog, cloudy thinking, and trouble sleeping, or even trouble concentrating on the task at-hand?

Have you tried to complete nutrition challenges before but felt overwhelmed, restricted and just plain hungry?!

Does this sound like you?

Well, you’re not alone, and tens or thousands of others, just like you, have overcome their own sugar and carb cravings, detoxed their bodies from sugar and found food freedom through the 21-Day Sugar Detox program.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox is a clear-cut, effective, real-foods-based program that supports your body in naturally detoxifying from sugar cravings. You’ll find increased energy, better moods, improved sleep quality, and, best of all, Food Freedom!

You know that sinking feeling that follows the question:

“What should I eat? And will it make me feel satisfied, full, and leave me without cravings?”

You can register for the online membership 21 Day Sugar Detox program.  It is a great addition to the 21 Day Sugar Detox Guidebook and can be helpful as it has printed materials and updated information…  


but sometimes you need a little extra personal support. This is where I step in.   As a certified 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach, I have partnered with Crossfit Decoded Coach Jeff Hohman to lead a 21 Day Sugar Detox group starting on the Saturday April 22nd. 

Sign up will begin Monday April 3rd.  Detox preparation begins on Saturday April 15. 

I offer two levels: online only and online + local events. 

Where are you in Southern California?  I am in the Desert Hot Springs/Palm Springs area.

The 21 Day Sugar Detox online + local events program costs $125 and includes the online group support; PLUS I personally lead a farmers market tour, Trader Joe’s tour and 1 cooking demo during the 21 days.  There will also be 3 in person sessions. 

Not local?  You can participate from anywhere, at anytime!!!  

The 21 Day Sugar Detox online only program cost $59 and includes support via a private Facebook group before, during and after the 21 days.   To participate you must have at least the guidebook but the cookbook and online membership can be very helpful.

If you are a repeat  participant, the cost is $25 for the online program and $50 for the live program.

PayPal for 21 Day Sugar Detox and Cooking Demos and Classes 

You can purchase the 21 Day Sugar Detox Guidebook and Cookbook from my Amazon store:

21 Day Sugar Detox
21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook


In January 2015 I embarked on a 21 day sugar detox with Nutritional Coach Jackie Chatman.  I had never done anything like this before.  I was amazed at how good Jackie was as a coach.  She taught me many things that I could do to change my lifestyle.  She used cooking demos to show us how easy it is to cook from scratch. She also offered personal one on one coaching as well as a variety of hiking activities. I lost 7 lbs in 21 days!  I wasn’t even trying to lose weight!  I have now lost a total of 11 pounds and feel so much better!  I highly recommend Jackie!

Kathy Gavin 

For those of you considering signing up for the 21-Day Sugar Detox program with Jackie, let me just say it was a life-changing experience even before it began. I was reluctant to start because I was afraid I couldn’t adhere to it. Jackie believed in me more than I did. She encouraged me, never got tired of my questions (some pretty dumb since I am not a natural kitchen type) and taught me things I didn’t know that I didn’t know. It was a great experience and I buy food now with a much more discerning eye. I always tell her how much I admire her. She is smart, caring, fit and walks (and runs) her talk. As one more bonus for signing on to this program, I met and got to know people friends who remain special friends today. One is Jackie Chatman NC – Nutritionist, Business Owner, Renaissance Woman – and friend.


Cathie Coats

I was surprised to learn as much as I did, since I had been eating very little sugar for several years. I knew I would be able to adhere to it, just had no idea how much fun I would have doing it. I learned that some things I had been eating were not so healthy and learned what to replace them with. I knew when Starbucks added Coconut Milk to their list of drinks, that it would not be healthy. Jackie always had time to answer a question. Her food demo was amazing and so much fun! I learned to prep food for the week on the weekend and to make something out of what was in the refrigerator, rather that to only cook from a recipe. The support from Jackie and other group members was so important. The entire experience was terrific! Thank-you Jackie.
Sandra Curry


I took the class with Jackie Chatman NC, the 21 day sugar detox ! I have a brain tumor and at first was afraid to start this journey but believed in Jackie and knew she would stay close with me and she did. The first few days were hard and then I started to feel great. I had more energy ! This class has taught me to watch up to today of what I eat. I am on new journey and I love my new life ! Thank you Jackie for your help , I feel great now !
Donna Poyuzina


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